L401 : Berga - Organya ( to the C14 )

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5 étoile itinéraire
Virages : 5 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto4.7
Lignes Droites : 2 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto2.3
Points de vue : 5 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto5.0
Surface : 4 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto3.8
Visibilité : 4 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto3.7
Police : green 1 Motorcycle Road1.0
Dangers : green 3 Motorcycle Road3.0

Route Added By : Steve_Cardiff
Date : Avril 19, 2006
Distance : 81 kms / 50.3 miles
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Road Type : Montagneux
Map Key : Rouge = Excellent | Bleu = Bon | Violet = Autre
Février 12, 2012 - 5 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto5.0

What can I say guys. Returned in August 2011 leading a group of 10. My biker buddies were blown away by the road, the scenery, and the hotel. Ca L'Agusti now cost €40 pppn, but this includes breakfast and evening meal which consists of such things a Wild Boar testicles caught by the hotel owner's hunting dogs which you can hear barking deep into the night.
An experience that every biker should sample if only once.
Managed a few vids this time around but we travelled east first thing in the morning so the sun was very low and really spoiled the footage. Hope you enjoy em anyway.

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Octobre 5, 2009 - 5 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto5.0

This road is the business! 5/5 no doubt.

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Mai 15, 2009 - 5 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto5.0

Nothing less then completely mindblowing, this stretch.
You can take it easy and enjoy the great scenery, you can also dance with devil and go for full throttle: this road has it all. Great tarmac and fast and winding bends and curves in all seizes and shapes.
I rode it on a TDM850 but it made me wish that I was on my old bike being a GSXR1100: enough said. By the way: half way you will traverse the Coll de Jou (which is a different pass then the French Col de Jau....).

One word: Exceptional!

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  • Naba
  • Yamaha TDM850
  • score: 97
Novembre 14, 2007 - 5 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto5.0

Great mountain road with fantastic scenery and some nice corners to test your driving skills. The best thing is that there is no traffic at all.

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Avril 17, 2007 - 5 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto5.0

I said i'd return one day and I did - Only this time with the missus on the back taking the photo's, and my previous photographer proudly on his own bike. (Well done Carl, proud of you son) With my memory refreshed I can now add some more to this fantastic biking experience, even though we rode it in pretty bad weather conditions. As I said previously I was working from memory and wondered why it had three different names. Well, the answer to that is that it is THREE different roads, but to look at it on a map it appears to be just one. The road:- It has deteriorated in places and has started to break up but there is resurfacing taking place and some sections were perfectly smooth and very black. The fresh air drops were higher than ever with a nervous passenger so go easy. You could easily lose a body up here lol. The scenery:- Massive. Just massive!. Larger than life boulders that have fallen from the cliffs, fresh stones and rocks in the roads, waterfalls every few k's and snow on the peaks. Rolling clouds in the valleys below - and in the sky above! The moisture in the air tells you this is the Pyrenees in April and not July. The accomodation:- Four of us stayed at the same b+b again but had to have two rooms for two. It cost us 40 euros per room for b+b which is still pretty good value if you ask me. I must stress though, don't expect too much. The rooms are very small, the bath is big enough to accomodate your size nines and nothing else, so a shower is the order of the day. I'm easily pleased so would stay there again even though the bed was small and lumpy. The food was as ever glorious and when we had breakfast in the morning the bread was toasted on an open fire. I digress. It's the road you're interested in not the b+b's etc. Well guys, if it's knee down you're after you've got it, but you'd be tempting fate. I can't remember all those hairpins from our first trip or the tunnels, but they're there now! If it's a great back road that any bike could handle two up with luggage in surroundings thought up by Gaudi himself then look no further - here it is. Treat yourself, you'll not be disappointed. I promise. Happy biking guys.

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Avril 19, 2006 - 5 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto5.0

Ok boys and girls, Here's a beautiful 50 mile stretch that runs Westward from Berga on the C16 to the C14. Forgive me for this review being a bit long winded and sketchy as I'm working from memory. A bit of a strange one this as the road changes names three times but I don't know why. It starts as the Bv4241, changes to the Lv4241and then ends as the L401. This road has everything from tight and open hairpins to reasonable straights. It's fairly well surfaced but not perfect. It also has several hazards so treat it as a scenic route rather than a racers route. By hazards, I mean fresh air drops with parapet walls to help launch you should you enter a bend too hot! Beware of mountain goats and their produce!! We had a real blast riding this and found ourselves stopping every few minutes to take in the gorgeous scenery. Every bend we went around seemed to result in an 'Oh my god, what a view' moment. We stopped for the night on this road in a Biker Friendly (aren't they all) b+b/hotel - see the red building in the pics. The b+b was 38 miles in and is right on the junction for Cambrils. This doesn't show on my Garmin Quest but believe me it is there. The people are real nice but speak little English, but if I can get by with my little Spanish then so can you. Briefly, 3 blokes, 1 room, a dip in the pool, Steak supper, 3 lagers each, OJ, Coffee, and crazy bread stuff for breakfast, all for ‚£20 each. I'm not kidding, the b+b was just 10 euros each! There is also a campsite a few yards away. In hindsight we wished we had stayed a few more night for them prices. All the locals seem to dine there in the evening which added a traditional Spanish touch. I will definitely return one day, and if you're touring the area and want somewhere good, cheap and in great surroundings, head for this place, you won't be disapointed. Like I said, a bit long winded but I thought it's best to overdo the details than not. Now enjoy the Photo's. As usual, many taken from a moving bike so not brilliant.

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