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  • Région : South East Wales, Royaume-Uni
  • Moto : CBR1100XX-2
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The Na-140 Pt1 Spanish Pyrenees

Vasco (Basque),Navarra/La... > Espagne > Europe
Novembre 1, 2014 - 4 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto4.0

Really nice stretch of road that you can have a good time riding. Not many elevation changes but it's constantly flowing left and right. Best ridden with lots of friends :)

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The Na-137 North from Isaba

Vasco (Basque),Navarra/La... > Espagne > Europe
Septembre 28, 2014 - 3 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto3.0

From Isaba turn North and head for the Col de la Pierre Saint-Martin. This is a nice fast as you dare section along the valley floor. It's not totally open however so it'd be prudent to just cruise it rather than race along it. There's also a strong crosswind in places which has bent the bushes and trees over so i'm guessing it's regularly windy here. No traffic to speak of, and a great climb awaits you at the end of this stretch that takes you over the border via a 300 degree right hander. I kid you not :)

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Na 2011 Spanish side

Vasco (Basque),Navarra/La... > Espagne > Europe
Septembre 27, 2014 - 3 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto3.0

The road before this video is far nicer coming over the border from France and then a lovely open mountain section. Still very enjoyable though but only got this bit on video.

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B4520 : Brecon - Builth Wells

Mid Wales > Royaume-Uni > Europe
Septembre 18, 2009 - 3 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto3.5

I just love this road. Very challenging and quite dangerous in places but very good fun and is fast becoming a regular of mine. Leave the town of Brecon and follow the signs for Upper Chapel. Lots of twists and turns with some tightening radius corners to keep you focused. A few crests and blind corners, some contaminated surfaces and kamikaze sheep on the open top section. Well worth riding in both directions. Love it.

The Gi-681 from Llagostera to Tossa De Mar

Catalunya > Espagne > Europe
Février 12, 2012 - 5 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto5.0

This is quite possibly my favourite road of all time simply because of the surface. It almost like riding on sandpaper and had me dragging my toes and pegs on both sides for the first time on my current bike. You can practically see the grip and it fills you with confidence. Knee down at a steady 40 or 50 mph is no problem on it's flowing, constant radius left and rights. I've always loved the Gi-682 that goes from Tossa de Mar to San Feliu, but not any more. This road, and a few others i've now discovered in the Pyrenees are much better in my opinion. You'll love it if you try it :)

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