N115 : Lisboa - Montejunto

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3 étoile itinéraire
Virages : 4 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto4.3
Lignes Droites : 3 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto2.7
Points de vue : 4 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto4.0
Surface : 3 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto3.0
Visibilité : 3 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto3.3
Police : green 3 Motorcycle Road2.3
Dangers : green 3 Motorcycle Road3.0

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Date : Août 10, 2008
Distance : 49 kms / 30.4 miles
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Road Type : Campagne
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Février 28, 2015 - 3 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto3.0

I did it last week and loved it.It has a rural atmosphere just outside Lisbon

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Octobre 5, 2011 - 3 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto3.0

Did this route yesterday, it's pretty good overall.

The N115 stretch from Bucelas until Sobral de Monte Agraço is great, lots of 4th/5th gear, mid-speed corners, with great tarmac and good visibility too.

After Sobral de Monte Agraço it has a few straights and open corners until half way of the climb to Montejunto.

After that the road gets narrower but with good corners until the top,
just be careful with some occasional tree roots and enjoy the ride.

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Août 10, 2008 - 4 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto4.0

My favourite route out of Lisbon, either for a short two hour stroll or as a way to get up north. Its mostly unknown in the local biker community that usually goes for the shorter show-off stroll to Cabo da Roca on the weekends.

It starts at the 3rd exit of the A8 out of Lisbon, before the toll section. Head for Bucelas, then Sobral de Monte Agraço where you have a right-left-right-left at the lights in the center. When you get to Vila Verde dos Francos be careful not to miss the small deviation to Montejuntos top, on the right, hidden by a corner.

The view at the top of Montejunto (666m) is amazing. On a clear and hazeless day you can see Sintra, Lisbon, Arrábida and even the Berlengas islands from up there.

The whole road is usually void of traffic and the corners vary throughout, with mostly closed ones in the beginning and open fast ones further on. Making the climb to Montejunto the road is pretty narrow, just back off the throttle and enjoy the amazing view.

The road surface changes trough the route, but in some places is pretty good. Nevertheless be careful with sand and the occasional oil spill from trucks.

There are some villages along the way so keep a sensible speed riding through them, please.

If you have the time, the return trip can be made connecting to Bombarral and afterwards by the coast to Ericeira and Cabo da Roca.

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