Malin Head

(4) 96 kms
Diversion | Septembre 19, 2013 | Europe > Irlande Balades Motos > Ulster (ROI)
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Virages (4)
Twistiness (1.5)
Lignes Droites (3)
Points de vue (5)
Visibilité (4)
Surface (3)
Dangers (3)
Police (2)


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Septembre 19, 2013 -

Malin Head is the most northerly point on the island of Ireland. A great destination for a challenge ´bike run - you can´t go any further! Spectacular views across to the Scottish islands and to the uninhabited island of Inishtrahull, 6 miles to the northeast. Beautiful seascape - this is the north Atlantic, after all! The waters off Malin were the battleground in two world wars - U boats, Allied aircraft, convoy protection battleships etc - a spectacular number of wrecks lie off here. Visit the Sea View Tavern for a coffee overlooking Inishtrahull Sound (a submarine trench drops to 90 metres depth)visist this website :

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