Revolutionary War Town in the South : Blythewood - Winnsboro

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Date : Janvier 1, 2018
Distance : 57 kms / 35.4 miles
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Janvier 1, 2018 - 3 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto3.0

This is easily ridden over several hours because it is a country ride with a number of interesting venues along the route. The Road departs from near the town of Blythewood at I-77 heading north into Fairfield County and winds northwest to the Fairfield Airfield where a stop is nice. Civil aviation airport. Continues into the country west of Winnsboro and re-enters Winnsboro's historic homes area, many dating back 150 years or more. In town a great lunch can be found at the Cornwallis Tea Room located on Main Street whose owner lives in the same 18th century home where British General Cornwallis staged his headquarters during the Revolutionary period. The tea room is worth the stop for lunch! Continue the route south winding your way back to the start point. Plenty of amenities for gas and refreshments in Winnsboro and Blythewood.

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