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Best wild waterfall of Abhazia : Machara - Marani

Central Russia > Russie > Asie
Octobre 4, 2018 - 5 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto5.0

This is an old military road with ruded asphalt twisitng alongthe mountain river on the clifs of the mauntain. Best waterfal you will ever see at the end of marked track, with hidden access through a hole in the ground

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Bukhta (RUS/ Abhazia boarder) to Gagra

Central Russia > Russie > Asie
Octobre 3, 2018 - 4 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto4.0

nice coastal road with great sceneries and viewpoints, one of them being famous abandoned platform with a concrete extention in the air. Watch out of first interactions of cows all over the road as well as local drivers cutting blind corners and overtaking without warning, they also like to follow bikers feeling themselves as part of a biker squad

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Goryachiy Kluch - Khadyzhensk

Central Russia > Russie > Asie
Octobre 16, 2015 - 4 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto4.0

Very nice mountain road with little traffic and police activity, but you should always remember about local drivers: they are fast and often unpredictable. Very nice views, mostly good tarmac, total absents of gas stations and cafés on the road. Interesting fact - the road is used for car rally.

Moscow - Kazan - Moscow

North Western Russia > Russie > Asie
Mai 19, 2013 - 3 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto3.0

Rally BMW Motorrad Moscow - Nizhniy Novgorod - Cheboksary - Kazan - Moscow.

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Moscow - St. Petersburgh ( Motorway Alternative )

North Western Russia > Russie > Asie
Septembre 13, 2012 - 2 étoile itinéraire Balade Moto2.0

Alternative road from Moscow to St. Peterburgh.

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  • Lioha
  • Yamaha FZS1000
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